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Shopping Trip

A shopping trip represents a single visit to the grocery store.  It will typically consist of a purchase of one or more items - although a shopping trip may not necessarily require a purchase of any item.  The shopping trip will list which items are purchased, in a particular quantity, and at a particular price per unit of measure.

A shopping trip is different from a shopping trip because it does not represent an actual trip to a grocery store, but a planned trip to a grocery store.  Moreover, items in a shopping list do not have an actual purchase price associated with each item because we are only planning to purchase the item(s).  A shopping list item does not represent an actual purchase.

Here are some additional differences:

Feature Shopping Trip Shopping List
Differences between a shopping trip and a shopping list
Purchase Date (or planned purchase date) Required Optional
Store selected Required Optional
Item price specified Required Optional
Item quantity specified Required Optional

In summary, a shopping trip represents an actual visit to a grocery store. A shopping list represents a planned visit to a grocery store.


Public Page

priceBAM creates a public facing web page for you that displays the following information:

  • Your profile (including picture, screen name, and location)
  • Blog
  • Wall - where your friends can update your wall

You can then tell the world how you're saving money on your groceries! In contrast to a private page, a public page is available to be viewed by everyone.

Private Page

priceBAM creates a private page for you that displays the following information:

  • Friends' activities

In contrast to a public page, a private page is only viewable by you.

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